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RF Test Solutions provides a significant contribution to the New Zealand technology and electronics research and education community.

Most Universities and Polytechnics have teaching class sets of general purpose instruments (power supplies, oscilloscopes, multimeters, function generators etc) from Keysight Technologies as their robustness and reliability has shown them to have the lowest cost of ownership over their lifetime.

Instrumentation from multiple partners including Ametek, ADLink and Keysight Technologies is helping researchers at Universities and research organisation to achieve their objectives.

Top commercial organisations in New Zealand also typically have a significant proportion of their R&D tools from our partners.  To learn more about our partners and our company please explore our, and our partners web sites and contact us for further information.

"To be one of the top universities in the world we need the support of local suppliers who can give us access to general teaching laboratory equipment as well as specialised instrumentation for our research programs. RF Test Solutions is a true partner for us, not only working with their suppliers to provide us with the equipment we need, but with ongoing industry sponsorship. Thanks to RF Test Solutions, we have access to well equipped laboratories and some of the best tools in the world for our research-informed teaching programs."
Dr Michael Neve, Senior Lecturer, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of AucklandUni Akl