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Corporate Responsibility

RF Test Solutions Ltd is committed to the safety of its employees, environmental impact, and support to the future of New Zealand's technology Industry.

Measurement and calibration laboratory staff receive regular first aid training and hold electrical practicing licenses to work safely on electrical equipment. The company enforces strict minimum staff numbers in work areas and has documented operational procedures for work on all open electrical equipment. All instruments are electrically safety tested before and after being worked on in the facility. RF Test Solutions offers a free electrical safety testing service to other businesses in the local community.

The company has their own defibrillator and first aid kit in house and are listed on the AED locations App for the benefit of neighbours and the community.

Electronic waste contains heavy metals such as Lead, Beryllium, Gallium Arsenide and Mercury. RF Test Solutions Ltd will at no charge take back any surplus or faulty instrumentation supplied by the company or manufactured by company partners and will dispose of it in an environmentally compliant fashion based on the materials each item contains.

The company supports the future of the New Zealand electronics industry by sponsoring a number of awards and prizes at several Universities and industry events each year. RF Test Solutions and partners participate in several trade events and conferences each year and have regular speaking engagements as well as welcoming several groups a year to company facilities to provide others with a greater understanding of measurement and calibration processes.

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