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Calibration Services

RF Test Solutions Calibration Laboratory

RF Test Solutions Ltd Lower Hutt Calibration laboratory offers broad coverage IANZ accredited calibration services from DC to 26.5GHz and non-accredited measurements over a much wider range including optical and speed. We also supply calibration equipment so are very happy to discuss the merits of setting up an in-house facility or outsourcing to a commercial facility like RF Test Solutions. If you have a sufficient volume of equipment we can offer an on site option. Please go to our Calibration Laboratory tab for more information on our facility. 

Keysight Technologies Calibration Services

Our partner, Keysight Technologies runs a worldwide network of calibration laboratories (which we form the New Zealand leg via our authorised partnership agreement) and RF Test Solutions is able to offer any service available from within Keysight as a local point of contact. Keysight Melbourne for example are NATA accredited to 50GHz and also offer dimensional metrology and specialist avionics related calibration. Keysight Roseville offers metrology grade calibration services on many of the highest precision instruments and systems. Please contact us for more information.

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EM TEST Calibration Services

EM TEST Part of Ametek Compliance Group) runs several calibration labs world-wide offering calibration service being traceable to national and international standards following the guidelines of ISO 17025. Accredited calibration can be offered on request. RF Test Solutions New Zealand Laboratory can calibrate LISN and some EMC specific instrumentation including Compliance Receivers. EM TEST however has a fully equiped purpose setup facility capable of calibrating all EMC test generators, LISN and other EMC accessories in the EM TEST and Teseq product range. Moreover, this service is not limited to EM TEST equipment only and their laboratories calibrate any EMC equipment, no matter which brand or vendor. RF Test Solutions can manage this service directly so you only need arrange shipment to us locally. 

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MVG Calibration & Test Services

MVG offers pre-test and certification measurement services for wireless devices, stand-alone antennas, and integrated antennas in four measurement facilities in the USA, France and Italy. RF Test Solutions is able to offer these services through MVG locally and we will arrange all the international elements for you. Please contact us with your specific requirements for further information.

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