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General RF

Frequency Counters

RF Test Solutions represents two of the largest manufacturers of Frequency Counters and Counter/Timers, Keysight Technologies and Pendulum Instruments. Models range from single input counters and counter/timers from 225MHz through to RF and uW models up to 60GHz. Some offer battery operation and Rubiduim references. The latest generation products have comprehensive real time maths and statistical analysis built in.

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Signal Generators

RF Test Solutions offers RF Signal Generators from Keysight Technologies with models spanning from a low cost 3GHz analogue to uW Vector Generators in stand alone bench and PXI form factors. Specialist models are available for ultra wideband, pulse etc. A comprehensive  selection of software and firmware applications for vector generators allow you to generate almost any modulation you desire from relatively simple formats such as QAM to multi-satelite GPS simulation and LTE. We also offer generators and amplifiers specifically for conducted and radiated immunity testing from Ametek Compliance (EM Test and Teseq).

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Bench Spectrum Analysers

Our company offers Spectrum/Signal Analysers from Keysight Technologies and ThinkRF. The range covers low cost bench 3GHz instruments up to 110GHz ultra-wideband models for the latest research applications. Form factors include stand alone and PXI. Applications ranging from vector demodulation to modulation/technology specific are available as well as the likes of phase noise measurement, noise figure, analogue demodulation and EMC. ThinkRF specialise in low cost Real Time Spectrum Analysers connected to computers via LAN cable for spectrum monitoring, spectrum surveillance, band clearing etc. 

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Bench Network Analysers

RF Test Solutions offers a comprehensive range of  range of LF and RF Network Analysers with upper frequencies from 1.5GHz to 1.1THz (yes that really is Tera-hertz). Base models offer either T/R test sets or s parameters and the top end PNA-X offers capability to measure s and non linear x parameters, as well as pulsed capability. To do this the instrument contains multiple sources, a spectrum analyser, comb and pulse generators etc.

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Cable & Antenna Testers

RF Cable and Antenna Testing is available in a range of instruments from dedicated models in the Keysight Technologies FieldFox range, to options on models of Spectrum Analyser and RF Communications Test Set from Freedom Communications for example.  

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We offer a comprehensive range of RF amplifiers from low signal level instrumentation amplifiers from Keysight Technologies up to 50GHz through to high power RF and uW amplifiers from Ametek Compliance (includes Teseq, IFI and Milmega brands). The latter suitable for electromagnetic susceptability testing as well as OEM applications requiring a high performance RF amplifier.

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We offer a selection of fixed and step attenuators from Keysight Technologies. Step attenuators can be manual or remotely programmable. In PXI form factor both Pickering Interfaces and Keysight Technologies also offer a selection of programmable attenuators.

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Power Meters

RF Power measurement is available across a number of platforms from dedicated RF Power Meters, to USB and Ethernet RF Power Sensors, to software options on the likes of Spectrum Analysers. When considering power sensors apart from the platform itself, the dynamic range and measurement technology are key factors. The measurement technology will determine what types of RF signals can be measured accurately.  For more information download the following Keysight selection guide from our web site.

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RF Switching

We have a number of suppliers offering a range of RF switching options from individual switching elements able to be integrated into your own design through to remote controllable matrix solutions and cards which fit into common bus systems such as PXI. Impedance choices of 50 or 75 ohms and almost an unlimited choice of configurations. Please select one of our suppliers or contact us for more information. 

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Handheld Spectrum & Network Analysers

The Keysight Technologies FieldFox has been one of the most capable, reliable and widely praised handheld RF instrument that RF Test Solutions has ever sold.  They are in use from the Antartic to the Pacific Islands, by our military forces and our government and commercial critical infrastructure providers. 27 different models from 4GHz all the way to 50GHz. Choose between a Spectrum Analyser base, a Network Analyser base or full capabilities of both. All models offer the familiar CAT functionality and dozens of options and capabilities. Please visit Keysight form more information or contact us for a demonstration.

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Specrtral Surveilance and Monitoring

The complexity of the RF spectrum, the increasing levels of interference, and the need to monitor spectrum for security or surveillance has resulted in a generation of high speed real time spectrum awareness solutions. Our company represents two such manufacturers and the products can range from a low cost Ethernet controlled receiver to a full scale site wide solution with geo-location, recording and decode. Please give us a call for more information on these solutions.

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