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Guildline Instruments

Guildline Instruments designs, manufactures and markets primary level instrumentation for the fields of Metrology and Oceanography. Since 1957 Guildline has been providing customers with the best in performance and reliability representing over sixty (60) years of innovation and expertise. Guildline invests over 20% of total revenues into Research & Development of new products.

New and improved DC products provide superior capabilities including: 6640Q QHR Quantum Hall Bridge and 6645Q QHR System, 7520 Automated Voltage Divider, 7330 Oil Resistors, and more. Additionally, proven Instruments and Standards such as the 6625A Resistance and Current Measurement Systems, 6530 TeraOhm Bridge Meters, 6623A DC Precision Current Sources, 6624CT DC Current Transformers, 9230A Shunts (up to10,000 Amperes) as well as the widest offering of Resistance Standards from 1 micro ohms to 10 peta ohms, continue to provide the most reliable and accurate measurements available today.

With the introduction of the 6640T Temperature Bridges and Systems, Guildline is setting the new standard for temperature measurements, replacing older AC and DC based temperature bridges. Responding to customer demand they have designed a brand new Series of 5600 Fluid/Oil baths including a 300 liter model; and continue to sell the best performing 5030 Series of Air Baths. Guildline has improved their existing 7334 AC/DC Resistance Standards and especially their 7340/7350 AC Shunts which have uncertainties, including those related to phase angle distortion, that are 2x to 3x better than the competition. For even better performance there are the new 7223CT AC Current Transformers. The new 7220 Power Analyzer defines new capabilities for measuring noisy and distorted power signals and can provide measurements of a single period of a wave form with < 100 ppm uncertainty and < 30 ppm uncertainty with averaging. Finally, the new 7810 Transconductance Amplifier provides very accurate current outputs up to 100 A and 100 kHz.