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Cellular Network and Device

Cellular Phone Testers

RF Test Solutions provides multiple levels of test solution for cellular network and device testing primarily through our partnership with Keysight Technologies (who acquired Anite) but also test chambers and ancillary items from MVG. Solutions include: EDA software for circuit design, system simulation and electromagnetic simulation, generators and Analysers to create and measure cellular based waveforms for circuit design, channel Sounding solutions for evaluation of 5G formats and designs, channel Emulators to create complex path, fading and interference profiles, compliance and Certification testing solutions, protocol based R&D validation tools, and Non-protocol based manufacturing test solutions. Please note we also have test solutions for WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and other communications interfaces surrounding cellular devices. Please contact us for more information.  

Our suppliers

Coverage Testing

Our partner DingLi provides a range of cellular coverage and network optimisation testing solutions from software solutions for Android and iOS phones to dedicated receivers, autonomous platforms and multi-network benchmarking solutions. Please visit our partner page for DingLi or their web site for more information.

Band Clearing

Our partners ThinkRF and Keysight Technologies provide band clearing solutions. ThinkRF has a range of Ethernet based Real Time Spectrum Analysers and down-convertors for technologies up to and including 5G. Keysight Technologies has the FieldFox handheld Spectrum Analyser up to 50GHz and now with an application for OTA analysis of 4G and 5G signals.

Our suppliers