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Freedom Communication Technologies

Freedom Communication Technologies is the only company dedicated to the design and manufacture of instrumentation for the Land Mobile Radio industry. Since 1979 initially as Motorola, then as General Dynamics and now as Freedom Communication Technologies.

The R8000 and R8100 family of LMR (Land Mobile Radio) one box test solutions are available in 1GHz and 3GHz versions in analogue and digital radio formats. Digital capability includes DMR, P25, Tetra, NXDN and others. This instrument is a popular replacement for legacy RF Communications test sets including HP2920A, HP8920B, Marconi 2955, Marconi 2945, Marconi 2965, IFR 1200, IFR 1600, Motorola 2600 family and others.

In 2018 Freedom announced the R9000 next generation one box tester with support up to 6GHz and the hardware to support LTE as well as all the traditional radio formats, this will be the solution for companies developing and supporting unified radio solutions and LTE services for first responders.